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Southern Chinese Food

The various regions and sub regions of China have different food habits and taste. The variety in its Cuisines makes its food one of the best cuisines in the world and makes a rich contribution to its food culture. The cuisine of the southern Chinese region is also known as the "Cantonese cuisine".

The southern Chinese are proud of their foods because it has been passed from generations to generations. Southern Chinese foods are also known as "Cantonese cuisine". Freshness of food is one essential element of the Southern Chinese. Foods in southern part of

China are generally fresh and they maintain the natural flavors of foods. They buy meats alive so that they can enjoy its freshness at the time it is eaten. They have a good sense of taste. They can easily notice the difference in taste between fresh meat and the ones that is not fresh. They give a lot of importance to the freshness of foods.

Southern Chinese foods contain many medical values. This is brought by the fact that each food is consumed always for the good of health. Almond drink is one of the famous drinks in Southern China. This drink is prepared by mixing powdered almonds into water. The drink enhances skin complexion. Watercress is mainly for throat and it is consumed to cure of sore throat. Southern Chinese also avoids certain foods during certain seasons to prevent themselves from any kind of illness like getting cold or fever. Each food is mainly consumed for a reason. They have certain foods that help them to maintain a proper balance in their body.

It is a strange fact that Southern Chinese love to eat any types of food especially meats. They eat internal organs of any animals for maintaining a good health. The logic behind it is that they consume liver of pork's to cure the problems of liver, lungs of animals to cure lungs problem and stomach of animals to cure digestive problems. Southern Chinese eat meat of strange animals and hunt for exotic birds for foods. They use simple and mild spices in preparing their foods. The food of Southern Chinese do not taste good but it gives a natural flavor to the food.

Soups are an essential part of southern Chinese cuisine. They drink soups for purpose of maintaining health. Soups are boiled with the ingredients in a clay pot for 3 to 6 hours depending on the ingredients. The ingredients of the soup are thrown out but not a single drop of soup is wasted. Sweets like dim sum and steam baskets are served only on breakfast and lunch. The popular method of food preparation of Southern Chinese is roasting, steaming and boiling. It helps them to preserve the natural flavors as well as colors of the ingredients. They adopt methods of stir-frying to give softness to food and at the same time enables to maintain its natural color, taste and flavor. Southern Chinese people take a lot of care in the artistic presentation of foods making a good appeal to the eyes as well as to the taste buds.

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