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Eastern Chinese Food

Chinese food culture is as old as its civilization. A number of foods with different taste, aroma, and flavors gives a rich food culture to China and makes it as one of the best producer of foods in the world. Its vast and extensive region adds to the varieties of food in its food culture. Chinese foods stand out as one of the best food in the world with its variety in taste and appearance.

Cuisines of Eastern China are divided into three types: north also known as Kiangsu, South as Chekiang and delta region that is also known as Shanghai. Rice is a common food in all of the three

region and it is use to make classic dish like sweet dish pudding desserts and for stuffing. Rice wine is also use in seasoning and for marinate. Eastern cuisines make use of lotus leaves for steaming meat, rice and meat. Some of the dishes like Cellophane-wrapped and paper-wrapped are common dish in the region.

The northern and southern people in the region depend on fish as their main foods. Their cuisines include a variety of aquatics and fish like that of mullet, prawns, clam, carp and perch. The specialty of food in these regions is bean-curd slivers and minced chicken. Cuisines of the southern region are less oily with rich fragrance and it maintains taste of softness and freshness. Some of the specialties of this region include dishes like freshwater fish, duck and shellfish. Cuisines of the northern part make use of cooking techniques like roasting, braising and stewing. Fish are prepared together with vegetables in the same container to preserve its freshness. The main ingredients comprise of fish and rice and it is extremely important to maintain tenderness and sweetness of foods.

It is said that Shanghai Cuisines comprises of all Cuisines of Western Chinese region. Benbang cai is one of the famous local dishes of the western region. It is a type of red-cooking sweet dish with dark soy sauce. It represents as a sweet dish with good taste and appearance. Eastern Chinese cuisines as a whole comprises of cuisines of Fujian, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Seafood is a popular cuisine in western region and for its west lake style meals.

In general, Eastern Chinese cuisines refer to the methods of cooking in areas like Fujian, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Eastern cuisines makes a variety of foods from fresh vegetables like bamboo and it stands out as one of the best producer of seafoods. Cuisines of eastern Chinese is mainly popular for its excessive use of soy sauce to simmer meat and sugar to sweeten dishes. The type of Cuisine is referred as "Shanghai cuisines" and it is an integral part of Chinese food culture as a whole.

Cuisines of eastern Chinese region are characterized by an excessive use of rice wine, rice vinegar, sugar and soy sauce as compared with other regions of China. It is also known as the "land of fish and rice" the finest wine producer in China.

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