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Significance of Flowers in Chinese Wedding

Wedding in Chinese culture revolves around many symbolic events, decorations and beautiful events to create a memorable day. In Chinese wedding ceremony, flowers are not only use as a decorative pieces but it carries a significant meaning of fertility and happiness.

They do lots of floral decorations on wedding day. Flowers are everywhere, may it be a wall, window, door or the gate. They give such immense meaning to flowers that their reception counter where they welcome their guests is beautifully decorated with the help of flowers. Flowers symbolize

happiness, life, joy and fertility. Flowers are mainly in red and white colors. However, red is considered more valuable as compared to white. White rose can only be used in Chinese wedding decorations and any flowers in white colors are strictly restricted in wedding decorations. It is because the Chinese associates the color of white with the idea of death. Chinese wedding bouquets are made of white roses but it is tied with red or other colored ribbons.

Chinese wedding ceremony makes use of different flowers that have different symbolic meanings. The Peony is an important flower that is mainly used to decorate centerpieces and chairs. It symbolizes a renewed life and it comes in different colors and varieties. If the wedding is in spring then Lotus is used for the decorations. It is use as a decorative piece in glass bowls of water or it is use to add the beauty to the wedding bouquet. It is considered as a symbol of four basic elements in like softness, purity, loveliness and scent.

Orchid bouquets are presented to the mothers of bride and groom. It symbolizes love and it is a unique token in traditional Chinese wedding. Daffodils and Jonquil flowers create the idea of renewed life and a happy change.

Different types of red flowers are used in floral decorations in the Chinese traditional wedding ceremony. It is extremely important to select flowers, which have deep cultural meaning.

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