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Chinese Horoscope : Rabbit


The Rabbit is born under the signs of virtue and prudence. The Rabbit attaches a great importance to his home and will often spend a great deal of money and time to furnish it, maintain it, and update it. He (or she) enjoys his creature comforts. He is a collector and derives much pleasure from collecting antiques, stamps, art, coins, or anything else that interests him. The Rabbit loves to entertain and exhibit his collections. He does not collect or display with a pretentious "show off" attitude but honestly enjoys sharing these things which give him great pleasure,. He hopes that his collections in turn might give his friends some pleasure as well. He enjoys the finer things in life and usually has very good taste. He will gravitate to the finest clothes and the finest restaurants in town.

The Rabbit is methodical and conscientious. He makes a good lawyer, diplomat, administrator or priest. He is the most excellent of communicators and excels in any job in which he can show- case his remarkable skill in this area. He tends to be loyal to his employers and makes the best employee an employer could imagine. He is honest, respected by all and has a high degree of integrity. If the Rabbit ever finds himself in a position of great power he will expect these traits in those who work under him and can become authoritarian. He is a witty and intelligent speaker and loves to be in a good discussion. He is always discreet and diplomatic and can be relied on to preserve the peace in an argument and never to raise his voice in anger. He avoids confrontation and will let insults slide to keep the peace.

The Rabbit likes to think out a problem and does not like to be rushed into making a quick and sudden decision. He hates to be in a situation that is fraught with tension. He is a cautious planner and does not like to take risks. Basically, he likes a secure, calm and stable environment without change. He is always happy to leave things just as they are. You will not find the Rabbit picketing with signs for a change in the status quo.

The Rabbit is not the most faithful of signs when it comes to marriage. He is best suited to the Goat, Snake, Pig and Ox. Due to his sociable and easy-going manner he can also get along with another Rabbit, the Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, and Dog. He will feel ill-at-ease with the Rat and the Rooster as both these signs tend to want to confront and speak their minds in a critical way. The Rabbit loathes any form of criticism or unpleasantness.

The Rabbit will rarely be short of admirers and will often have several serious romances before settling down. Having a " significant other" in his life will be very important to him even if he is not faithful. The Rabbit takes considerable care with his appearance. Much time and effort is put into looking smart and well turned out. You will not see a Rabbit underdressed for an occasion. As a matter of fact, he will be chic and appropriately dressed at all times for any occasion. Both the female and male Rabbit wish to be more than average looking and use everything at their disposal to become more attractive. The Rabbit believes if he was not born conforming to society's idea of beauty then there must be a way around this impediment. He (or she) will then strive to be the best dressed, the best spoken, the best groomed, the wittiest conversationalist, ect. And you know what? He usually is the best.

Rabbit Love

You need trust, security and tenderness in a relationship, and are happiest when you can create an intimate and cosy atmosphere. You are unlikely to go in search of emotional thrills and do not thrive on romantic upheavals, so when a partner's behavior becomes erratic or hurtful you withdraw into your shell.

There are times when you are confident in love, but an unpredictable action or careless remark can suddenly place serious doubts in your mind, Try to express your concerns and you may well find that your doubts are groundless. When you have found the right partner the affection that you offer will be returned, and you will prove to be both sympathetic and forgiving, far more likely to listen to someone else's problems than to reveal your own.

You are happy sharing artistic interests, informal dinners and stimulating conversation. It will take time to find the soul-mate you are searching for and along the way you may appear fickly, but when you have found that person your commitment is powerful.

Rabbit Career

Your intelligence and imagination stand you in good stead in your career, and you always give careful thought to projects before you undertake them. You are balanced in outlook and cautious in approach, and like to be informed of all the facts before you make a judgment.

You do not enjoy the cut and thrust of business life, preferring work that is more methodical and reliable, and thus the worlds of politics and finance hold little interest for you. Working under pressure makes you nervous, as do sudden demands on you to develop creative ideas, and while others may thrive on heated discussion you prefer reasoned debate. Your creative talents will come to the fore when you are allowed to work at your own pace. Many colleagues appreciate your tact and modesty and realize you are a conscientious worker, unlikely to step over others to achieve your goals.

You are suited to a career in literature, art, design or public relations. You would also be a good counselor, barrister, judge, solicitor, adviser or secretary.

Rabbit Personality

You have a tranquil nature and are sensitive to the world around you. You cannot thrive in a competitive or aggressive environment, and you soon become anxious if you are forced to take risks. Your delicately balanced emotions are easily destabilized by unsettled or unpredictable situations, and you instinctively want to create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. In fact, this makes you a very hospitable host, attentive to the needs of others, ensuring that they do not feel isolated or neglected. You are aware that small details are important in creating the right ambience and you pay attention to everything from colour, design and furniture to food and conversation. When you are certain that everything is arranged to your satisfaction you can then relax - and you make charming, elegant and intelligent company.

You have a good imagination and intellect combined with an openness and generosity that enables you to turn enemies into friends. Your approach to life is not threatening or disruptive and the only time that you are really obstinate is when you feel you have been pushed beyond your capabilities. When faced with a dilemma, or if you are just feeling low, you tend to keep your thoughts well hidden in the belief that it is not appropriate for you to make demands or force your opinions on others.

Your lifestyle is conservative as you do not like your security compromised, but when you opt for safety over risk you may miss good opportunities. You have no desire to be in the limelight; you shy away from confrontations or complications and if there is an escape route you will quickly take it. This does not imply that you are frivolous or irresponsible, for when you truly believe in something you are serious, perseverant and capable.

Famous Rabbits

Prince Albert, Lucy Arnaz, Harry Belafonte, Ingrid Bergman, James Caan, Lewis Caroll, John Cleese, Confucius, Albert Einstein, Peter Falk, W.C. Fields, Peter Fonda, James Fox, Sir David Frost, James Galway, Cary Grant, Edvard Grieg, Oliver Hardy, Paul Hogan, Bob Hope, Whitney Houson, John Hurt, David Jason, Michael Keaton, John Keats, Cheryl Ladd, Danny La Rue, Julian Lennon, Patrick Lichfield, Gina Lollobrigida, Ali MacGraw, George Michael, Roger Moore, Nanette Newman, Tatum O'Neal, Christiana Onassis, Ken Russell, Mort Sahl, Elizabeth Schwarzcopf, George C. Scott, Neil Sedaka, Jane Symour, Neil Simon, Frank Sinatra, Dusty Springfield, Sting, Jimmy Tarbuck, Tina Turner, Luther Vandross, Queen Victoria, Andy Warhol, Orson Welles.


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