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Techinques of Cooking in Chinese Food Culture

Chinese food has made a tremendous influence in its taste through out the world. It has a special appeal to the color, taste and smell, which is different from foods in any part of the world. Chinese are known for their love of food and they adopt a special art in its preparation. Foods are an important part in the lives of Chinese and special foods are prepared to celebrate special occasions. It will not be wrong to say that it is a land of exotic food items. However, it is important to know different technique they adopt that lies behind their wonderful foods.

The popular methods that Chinese adopts in their cooking are steaming, boiling, stir-frying and roasting. Steaming is an important art in preparing Chinese foods. It helps in preserving the important nutrients and flavor of foods. Foods are mainly prepared through the process of steaming. Some of its types include dumplings, fish, meats, sweet bean paste bread or buns stuffed with bread. Steaming foods can be of two types: In one method food is steamed and then sauces are added and in another method food is steamed with sauces and all the other ingredients. The steamed foods are soft with perfect taste. They believe that steamed foods consumed less time and save fuel and at the same time it is nutritious to the body.

Chinese Knows technique of preparing boiled foods in many ways. Food can be prepared only by boiling or boiled it after deep- fry or steer-fry. Preparation of food is an important part in Chinese food culture. Chinese believe that obtaining nutrition from foods is important and it gives a good effect to our body. They believe that long boiling of foods makes the ingredients to be mixed with liquid and food becomes mushy. It also spoils the taste and presentation of foods.

Stir-frying is one of the most common techniques that are use in the preparation of food in Chinese food culture. It can be done in two ways. In one, marinating ingredients first and then stir-fry it and in another method, by stir-frying ingredients directly. The main idea behind stir-fry is to bring out food's aroma and taste with an attractive appearance. Chinese preserve the freshness of food with a quick stir-fry and the ingredients are cut in a proper shape to increase the beauty of dish. Roast food is also an important art in preparing Chinese foods. They roast foods over charcoal fire in ovens and it gives a good taste and appearance to the food. Chinese prefer to roast meats of eve types and it is an important technique of cooking food in their food culture.

Chinese have invented the greatest methods of cooking in the world. The techniques adopted in method of its foods offer a practical way to save fuel and delights the taste buds. The techniques in its food preparation help them to enjoy stability in their health and a good life. Cooking in Chinese has developed into a sophisticated art because Chinese in general love to eat food.

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