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History of Chinese Food

Chinese food history records the fact that the two philosophies have played an influential role in creating its food culture. Chinese cooking was considered as an art during the Chou dynasty. The philosophy of Confucianism and Taoism has deeply influenced China's food culture. Confucius philosophy taught the art of cooking.

The philosophy of Taoism has emphasized on maintaining a proper hygiene of food and in cooking. Taoism gave importance on food that gives a good health and increases the life span of human beings in general. He gave less importance to its color, flavor and the taste of food. These two philosophies have made a rich contribution in the food history of Chinese cuisines. It was the philosophical ideas that had developed a proper dinning etiquettes and culinary standards in the history of Chinese food culture that has been admired by people around the world.

Yin and Yang have emphasized on five flavors of foods correspond to the internal parts of the body like lungs, kidneys, spleen, heart and gallbladder. The flavors of the foods are further divided into Yin and Yang and each flavor are characterized with different colors. Yang foods have the taste of bitter, salty and sour and it takes the color of white, green and blue. The yin comprises of foods that are sweet and spicy in taste and it appears in the color of red and yellow. The main concept is that food always plays a major role in defining spiritual and physical aspects of the person. Yin and Yang believes that such food should be consumed which will maintain proper harmony in the body.

Chinese believe that if vegetables are not properly cooked then they lost their nutritional value. Several foods having medical properties especially ginger are their favorite food. The basic idea is that it helps to get relief from stomach problems and as an agent to fight against Coldness. The Chinese food history is as rich as its culture, it is an important part of their culture, and its food history records the evidence that it has its own varieties of cuisines before 5000 years back.

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