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Authentic Chinese Food

Authentic Chinese cuisines include the cuisines of different regions like Guangdong, Hunan, Sichuan, Fujian, Anhui, Fuliji, Zhejiang and Jiangsui. It does not make use of milk ingredients like butter, cheese or cream. Such type of food is prepared with less amount of meat to avoid the animal's fat and it is considered as one of the ideal Chinese diet. It is prepared by using poly-unsaturated oils and believed to be one of the healthiest food in the world.

Authentic food of Guangdong region is prepared by using fine and rare ingredients with polished skills and delicate style. It gives importance to fresh and tender taste of food. The real Cuisines of Guangdong comprises of Braised snake porridge, roast-suckling pig and chrysanthemum fish. The braised snake porridge makes use of rare meat of cobra, grimalkin and pullet. Roast suckling pig is one of the popular dishes of the region with a long history. This food is famous for its good smell and soft meat. In cuisines like Chrysanthemum, fishes are cut in a good shape by using the technique of cutting and either a chopstick or a fork can enjoy the dish.

The Hunan Cuisines makes heavy use of oil and many coloring ingredients to give a deep color to the food. The popular authentic food of the region includes immortal chicken with five elements, fried fresh cabbage with chestnuts, stewed fins and Dong Anzi chicken. The flavor of food is spicy and herbal.

The Cuisines of Sichuan region is a combination of cuisines of Chengdu and Chongqing region of China. The three flavors, three aromas, seven tastes and eight flavors are the important characteristics of the cuisines of Sichuan region. Fujian cuisine has a countless number in its variety, some of its mouth-watering dish includes Buddha jumping over the wall, Dongbi dragon pearl, and fried bamboo shoot with chicken minced. The techniques of cutting, alternative soups, fine cooking and unique seasoning are some of its important characteristics.

The Anhui cuisines are characterized by the method of quick fry and less fry. The cuisine is a combination of flavors of Huizhou and regions along Huai River and Yangtze River. The freshness of the food is achieved by adding sugar and ham as seasoning. Cuisines like Fuligi grilled chicken and braised turtle with ham are popular dishes of the region.

Cuisines of Zhejiang region adopts various methods of cooking like quick-fry, stir-fry, frying, braising and steaming. Shelled shrimps cooked in Longjing tea and west-lake braised fish in vinegar constitutes the dish that is good in taste as well as for health. Jiangsui cuisines create more flavor and sauce by methods of stewing and braising. The Shandong Cuisines is a royal cuisine because it is served to the emperor in royal courts. The taste and flavor of the food is derived from the use of garlic and shallots. Cuisines of this region include sweet and sour carp, and braised abalone.

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