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Sword Dance in Chinese Culture

Chinese dance has a history of over 5000 years and is deeply rooted in their culture. Dance plays an important role in different sections of society. Different dance forms have different cultural values and significance. The dance in Chinese culture is divided into two types- folk dance and classical dance. Sword dance is a part of classical dance in Chinese cultural dance. It is also known as the "sword tool dance" in China.

Sword dance became popular during the Tang dynasty. The performance of the dance requires an extremely qualified skill. During the ancient period, it was mainly performed for entertainment in royal courts. Artistic communication takes place through the movements of the upper part of the body. Chinese warriors perform the dance and it corresponds to the form of martial arts. The dancers wear armour and helmet as the costumes. The movements of the dance show the expression of heroic qualities and power of the soul. The costume of the dance is red in color to symbolize the power of the ruler.

The sword dance is a particular form of folk dance in the Han and the Tang dynasties. The sword is used mainly for the movement of the dance and less as a weapon. A single, double or dagger sword can be used to perform this kind of dance. A single sword has hanging threats for ornamental purpose. It can extend to the length of one meter. The tassels add to the splendour of the dance. The movement of the sword dance bears a heroic expression with a number of variations. The movement of the dance is also elegant with beauty and grace.

The sword dance is a kind of martial dance in the Tang dynasty. The most popular sword dancer of the Tang dynasty was "Gongsun". The dancing skill is so brilliant that it is believed to possess the power to hold back the rivers and repulse the movements of the ocean. The effect of her dance was so great that it left an everlasting memory in the eyes of the people. It also creates a wonderful aesthetic feeling among the people.

The sword is an important weapon of the Chinese. The use of the sword developed into a form of dance. The sword dance can be grouped into two types: the moving sword and the standing sword. The moving sword dance involves a continuous movement of the sword. The movement of the dance is tenacious like that of flowing water and floating clouds. As the name suggests, the standing sword dance involves swift movements and standing position like a statue. The movements of the sword dance are elegant and forceful.

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