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Importance of Dragon Dance in Chinese Culture

The Chinese dance has a history of over of 5000 years and has its appearance before the first Chinese characters. Different forms of dance exist within the Chinese culture. Each dance has a unique expression and marked with beauty and grace. The dance has a symbolic expression that contributes to the rich Chinese cultural heritage. The dragon dance is a part of the Chinese traditional dance and it is performed on cultural festival.

Dragon dance is the most popular form of cultural dance. The dance is also known as the "Playing dragon Lantern" or the "dance of dragon

Lantern". The dragons are generally made out of grasses, bamboo and clothes. The dance in Chinese culture is a symbol of fortune, nobility, bravery and power. The original form of dragon dance is performed during emperor Yan and yellow. The witches dance like dragons soaring into the sky for sacrificing the heaven and praying for the rain.

The Chinese Dragon dance displays the best part of the traditions and culture of china. The dance is performed on the Chinese New Year and the lantern festival. The dragon dance is associated with the strong beliefs of the Chinese as descendants of the dragon. The dragon in china is regarded as a symbol of goodness, fertility and supernatural powers. The dragon dance is symbolized as bringing good luck and success in the year ahead for all human beings. The dragon dance is also believed to be a giver of rainfall as dragons are considered the governors of rainfall. In china dragon are deeply embedded in the soul and heart of the Chinese. The dragon dance is also a way of expressing gratitude to this mythological creature.

The Chinese dragon is an integral part of the Chinese cultural festival. A team of skilled dancers whose skill is to bring the motionless body to life carries out Dragon dance. The dance is performed on the day of the lantern festival that falls on the eve of New Year. The best part of the lantern festival is the dragon dance. The dance highlights the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Two Member team carrying the image of dragons on poles performs the dance. One person acts like a dragon's head and the other one controls its tail. Two people generally perform this dance but there can be group of people. The dance is accompanied with music composed of traditional drums, cymbals and gongs. The dance team imitates the movements of the river spirit in a spontaneous manner. Traditionally the movements symbolize historical roles of dragons that demonstrate power and dignity.

The dragon dance has its origin during the Han dynasty. The Chinese people who associated their beliefs and respect towards dragon started this festival. It has earned a special status in Chinese physical arts. It is also performed in many types, color and ways. Green is preferred as the main color as it symbolize harvest, yellow symbolize dignified empire, gold or silver color symbolize prosperity, red symbolize excitement and the tail are with silver color that creates a feeling of joyous atmosphere.

Dragon dance is a popular form of dance among the Chinese people and its culture. The popularity of the dance has reached worldwide. It has a deep influence in making the Chinese culture a great cultural heritage in the world.

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