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Three Philosophies in Chinese Culture

The Chinese philosophy has a deep influence on every cultural aspect of the nation. Chinese philosophy has created a deep and a lasting impact on the Chinese culture. Chinese considers philosophical teachings as an important part in their culture and an integral part of their life.

Confucius is the famous Chinese philosopher who has generated philosophical ideas for people. He was a fine integration of the social, moral, religious, philosophical and religious thought. The philosophical idea of Confucianism has a deep influence in the hierarchy and social status of a person in the society.

Confucianism believes education as a prime source in the moral development of the people. It seeks in maintaining a proper and a balance harmony between society and individuals living in the society. Respect and proper behavior towards superiors is an important philosophical teaching of Confucius. Philosophical ideas of Confucius are applied to all the sections of the society. The teaching of Confucius also gives importance to Chinese food culture. Confucius philosophy is a set of principles that forms an important part of Chinese culture.

Buddhism has its beginning during the first century AD and forms one of the main religions in China. The basic philosophical idea of Buddhism is to seek peace within oneself. Buddhism believes in the idea that a person should try to avoid any type of attachment and desires in order to live a life free from suffering. It gives importance on Spiritual enlightenment through religious practice and meditation. The enlightenment can also be achieved through the practice of a virtual and moral life and through purification of the mind and soul. The philosophical ideas of Buddhism have a close resemblance with Taoist philosophy. The former tends towards attending peace and later towards joy. Buddhism has a history of two thousand years in China.

The teaching of Taoism originates from the religious teachings of "Lao Tse" and his disciple "ChuangTse" and it has a history of nearly one thousand seven hundred years. Taoism has its root in the Chinese society and its philosophy Concerns with following the natural flow of life. It teaches a way of simple life free from the grip of desires and passions. The philosophy of Taoism gives importance to the immortality of body, supernatural powers, astronomy, alchemy and good healthy sexual practices. It emphasizes the idea that a proper balance between internal and external parts of the body leads to a state of extreme joy and happiness in life.

It is the Philosophical ideas of the Chinese that lies behind the beauty of their culture. Even today, Chinese observes all the philosophical teachings of the three religions in all its lifestyles. The three influential philosophies also lead to a better understanding of the Chinese culture and it is the philosophical teaching that creates the beautiful mind of the Chinese.

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