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Modern Chinese Dress

The Modern Chinese Dress has a close bearing with the traditional designs and customs. With the change of time, the Chinese dress develops a change in a new form and style. It combines the traditional style with the contemporary styles to give the effect of a modernized Chinese dress. The modern dress however carries the elegant and beauty of the traditional attires. The modern dress shows the fusion of traditional and modern ideas.

The modern Chinese Dress is a fine combination of the ancient and modern. It retained the fashion of bygone days. They maintain the

pattern of dragons, lions, opera mask and other deities in their clothes. The classic symbols create the effect of elegance and add meaning and value to it. The modern designers use the pattern of Bronze to create embroidery, printing, Woven and applied designs on clothes. Fashion of Embroideries of dragon and clouds on robes make a come back in the Modern dress. Traditional art of handwork is use on borders, shoulders, pockets, bodices and seams for ornamental purposes. One excellent work of the combination of the ancient and modern is the modern bridal tiara. Traditional colors like Blue, green and red continues in modern dress in China.

Modern Chinese dress differs according to the occasion. Man wears the dignified and refined long grown at social occasion. Woman wear the traditional modified of the ching dynasty ‘ch'i-p'ao' at social occasion. The design of the dress is limitless in terms of length, height, width and ornamentation of collar, sleeves, skirt and basic cut. Modern woman wear stylish coat with low straight collar, beautiful coiled buttons and patterns of embroidery on it. The combination of modern design with fashionable colors shows the grace and disposition of a person. The modern Chinese adopted business suit, jeans and shirts. Modern Chinese woman wears ‘Qipao' that replace the blouse, trouser and skirt. Modern clothes are design on the art forms and are use for special occasions.

Modern day Chinese make use of fashion accessories with the traditional clothes. It is full of grace as it stands for tradition and shows living power. The combination of the ancient symbols of good fortune and modern fashion is widely carried in Modern clothing. Attractive clothes for young people and children are designed by making use of deities, lions and mask of Chinese opera characters. Ancient Chinese works like the use of prints, embroidery and beautiful weavings on clothes were use to create the modern Chinese dress.

The traditional Chinese dress served as a basis of contemporary Chinese fashion. The contemporary dress has gained a wide popularity with a touch of elegance. The use of Fine embroidery works is common for both man and woman in modern Chinese dress. The traditional design of using mythological scenes and good luck sign is still prevalent in the present day. The contemporary dress is design by using the art of ancient Chinese dress.

The Modern Chinese clothes have a close association with the ancient clothes. It is influenced by the ancient art and clothing. The modern dress remains deeply rooted in the history and ancient religious practices despite of its western influences.

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