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The Chinese culture is a combination of beauty and enchantment. The uniqueness of the culture has attracted people from all over the globe. The Chinese culture is continually changing with the change of time. The change in the culture is brought through –the change in the way of life, its contact with other culture, invention and development, art, politics and science in the culture itself. Modern Chinese culture is a combination of both the traditional and modern values.

Modern Chinese culture is a refined mixture of many global cultures. It is full of color that adds life to it. Its

modern way of life is greatly influenced by the west. They live in modern apartment complexes, high-rise buildings as well as modern style homes. They start living in small families units consisting of parents, children and sometimes grandparents. Girls and boys are given equal position and relationship becomes democratic. In terms of marriage, they enjoyed liberty of choosing their own marriage partners. The couple generally consults their parents before taking such major decisions. They start dressing themselves in western pattern.

Interaction with other cultures for education and business dealing brings about a tremendous influence in their culture. This brings to the formation of the modern culture. China is a land of tourist destinations attracting people from around the globe. Locations like Beijing, Hongkong and Xian are worth to mention. This creates the scope for cultural exchange with different people adding spice to modern china. The Mainland China stands as one of the social and cultural standing in the worlds map. The growth and development of these famous places plays an important factor in making the modern Chinese culture.

Chinese art gallery is a mixture of both modern and contemporary. Modern Chinese art is heavily influenced by the western technique. It produces a wide range of experimental work, multi media installations and performance ‘happenings' popular in the international market. Politics of modern china is made of four volumes. The first volume is about policy making, the second about political economy, the third about analysis of social problems and the final volume focuses on democratization. China has made a rich contribution in the field of science and technology. Chinese modern science is both theoretical and practical. It can be noted that Chinese concept of astronomy, medicine, archeology, mathematics and philosophy is widely popular around the world. Chinese modern dance is in the form of classical patterns without specific national characteristics. Music bears a close resemblance to that of the western music. Traditional instruments are mixed with other instruments creating new music.

China Modern culture stands on 5,000 years old ancient history. The changes in the way of life, arts, politics, science, food and movies contribute in making ‘Modern Chinese culture'.

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