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Chinese Wedding Gifts

Gifts in Chinese wedding can be categorized into three types. The most important gift is the gift from the groom's family to the brides' family. It contains various gift items and it symbolizes a happy beginning and good fortune for the newly wed couples. The gift is presented to the bride's family after a formal settlement of marriage by a fortuneteller. The traditional or the grand gifts includes symbolic items like Li Shi money, Cakes of dragon and phoenix, jewelries, fish, coconut, wine or liquor, box containing dried fruits, tea poultries, dried sea foods and mushrooms, raw fruit, Tea and Bin Lang.

The grand gifts convey a deep and symbolic meaning on the wedding. The Li Shi money is the most common gift in the Chinese wedding. Groom presents the money to the bride's family in the form of cash. The family of the groom decides the amount and it is presented before the wedding ceremony. Dry foods and mushrooms symbolize a wish for prosperity and good fortune to the couple. Gifts are presented in pairs but sometimes it changes according to the particular form of gift. Two pairs of fish and raw Chicken as a gift symbolize a sense of liveliness and double fly. The dried fruits are given in four Peking as a grand gift in Chinese wedding.

Guests invited for the wedding also presents gifts to the couple. These gifts are not as grand and elaborate as compared with the grand gifts. This type of gift is presented in the form of Cash and it is wrapped inside a red envelops or packets. This is because it symbolizes joy, love and prosperity. Gifts like Fan are taken as a cultural taboo in Chinese wedding because it symbolizes separation. However, there are traditional gifts that are given several days before the marriage. These gifts are generally for the purpose of ancestral worship.

The bride and the groom present return gift to the wedding guest. These gifts includes small items like box of candies, Key chains in the shape of fortune cookies, glass oil lamps, candy bags, bridal candy flower pot, bridal coffee scoops, candy mint tins, potpourri wedding bells bags and many fancy items that the guest treasured. The wedding favors are presented to the guest at the reception and it shows the feeling of warmth and appreciation to the guest.

The Chinese wedding gifts is an important part in the Chinese wedding ceremony. The grand gift is the most important gift because it is a kind of thanks giving to the bride family by the groom family to compensate for the bringing up the bride to the marriageable age.

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