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Chinese Wedding Dress

The traditional Chinese wedding dress for both man and woman includes Chengasm with the design of dragon and phoenix. The wedding dress for the Chinese groom comprises of a black silk coat with the decoration of dragon robe. The Qi Pao is the attire for the young brides and it is a one-piece frock. The attire is designed with an elaborate embroidery work of gold and silver designs. The traditional wedding dress for the brides of the southern part is the two-piece frock known as Qun Gua Kwa or Cheongsam.

The design of dragon and phoenix on the attire is important because it symbolize harmony between man and woman. Bride and groom avoid the wedding dress in the color of black, blue and grey. It is because these colors are associated with bad luck. However, Chinese wedding attire is mainly designed in the color of yellow, white and red. The red is considered as a powerful one because it is a symbol of good luck and can cast off the evil spirits.

The Chinese wedding dress enjoys a wide popularity in the world because of its beautiful artistic embroidery works. It is customary for the bride to wear Cheongsam with the design of dragon and phoenix on the wedding day. A piece of veil that is red in color is a part of bridal costumes in the wedding ceremony. This veil covers the brides face during the wedding ceremony. The traditional wedding dress for the groom is a black silk coat that is worn over an embroidered dragon robe of dark blue. The headgear comprises of a black head with red tassels.

The trend in the Chinese wedding dress has undergone a change with the change of time. It has adopted some of the western pattern in its wedding dress. The groom prefers to adorn themselves with a simple and sober set of coat without robe or hat. The brides make exclusive use of hairstyles that adds beauty and charm to the look. They are dressed up in a traditional western white grown. They keep on changing the wedding costumes for three or more times on the wedding night. Even the grooms are more inclined to wear formal clothes with colors like grey or black.

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