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Family life plays an important role in Chinese culture as they lived in large family units. For the past two decades, it has undergone a tremendous change .The old values being replace by the new ones. However they continue to emphasize the values of family and maintain close family links. A strong bond exists between parents, children and other family members. The father and husband have absolute control over the family. The vision of a family life in china is one of a strong family guided by father and husband. Each member plays an important and a clear defining role.

It is often been said that china is made up of family. Chinese family can be defined as a group of kinsfolk consisting of parents and children living together under a single roof. The head of the family varies according to the family. In a large family, the father is usually the head of the family. He is referred as ‘chia-chang' which means ‘elder of the family'. In small family, the husband occupies the highest position. The mother takes over the position after the death of her husband. In case both parents die, the eldest becomes the head of the family.

The Chinese parents are usually concerned about the discipline of their children. The parent never gets divorce if the relationship does not work. The father maintains a strict discipline over their children. The mother holds the responsibility to guide their children by teaching them to behave properly and teaching them the difference between the right and the wrong. In short, mother serves as a socializing agent. The father has the authority to execute punishment including corporal punishment if necessary. Children treat their father with respect and at the same time maintain a distance. They generally follow their father's family name.

The Chinese culture follows a hierarchical system. The head of the family is responsible for the proper conduct of all domestic affairs. He is also responsible for the good behavior of every member of the family. Man occupies a dominant position in the family in terms of decision making. Women acquires greater equality by contributing with their income or labour in their family business. Women primarily play the role of raising the children and running the house. The father of the house is responsible for housing and educating the children until the time of their marriage.

Parents are really very keen to see that their children are married to suitable families. Married sons continue to live in the same household with their parents. It is considered ideal for men to marry and bring their wives and women to go and live with their husband after marriage. A unique feature of the Chinese family is the one child policy that has been enforced by the law of the country. The first son enjoys greatest benefits in terms of education and opportunities. The first daughter takes responsibility in helping to raise her younger siblings.

In Chinese family culture, Descendants of several generations from the same ancestors lived together and formed a big family system. The Chinese family in short refers in taking care of every member of the family and to live in peace and harmony.

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